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Websites for meeting presenters:

  • Bill Donovan: The featured speaker for our April 2018 meeting. Visit his website.
  • Tom Dunn: Speaker for June 2019 meeting on street photography. Visit his website.
  • Patrick Forslund: Speaker for our May 2019 meeting on night photography. Visit his website.
  • Steve Gettle: Webinar presenter for our July 2020 meeting. Visit his nature photography website:
  • Gus Gulbranson: Speaker for our October 2019 meeting on questions and answers with a camera guy. Visit his website.
  • Bruce Leventhal: Speaker for our October 2020 meeting on Lightroom basics. Visit his website.
  • Matt Kloskowski: Webinar on Photoshop and Lightroom. Visit his website:
  • Lisa Langell: Webinar presenter for April and June 2020. Visit her website:
  • Bob Lyksett: Speaker for October 2018 meeting on sports and action photography. Visit his website.
  • Gary Alan Nelson: Speaker for our July 2019 meeting. Visit his website.
  • John Pennoyer: Speaker for our  May 2018 and April 2020 meetings. Visit his website.
  • Jay Rasmussen: Speaker for our February 2018 meeting. Visit his website.
  • Michael Waterman: Speaker for our March 2018 meeting. Visit his website.

Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs:

We are a member of the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs.

Suggestions for photo printing:

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