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Monthly show and tell themes

Shirley Stebbins - Blarney lupines

Photo sharing topics

Our in-person meetings include a monthly assignment where members contributed two photos on a specific theme to a sharing folder in Dropbox. These photos will be viewed at our monthly meeting. You must be a dues-paying member to participate. View photo submission guidelines and information about Dropbox.

Photo assignment for May 2023:

Before and After Challenge:

Based on our April Presentation, this month’s challenge will allow us to take a photo and manipulate it into a different format. A Total of four pictures are allowed/2 manipulations. As always, place them in the DropBox Folder labeled Before and After. Standard formatting applies.

When naming photos for the BEFORE & AFTER assignment please follow this example so each person’s before and after pictures will appear together in the right order:

  • 01.JaneDoe.1BEFORE.title.jpg
  • 01.JaneDoe.2AFTER.title.jpg
  • 02.JaneDoe.2AFTER.title.jpg

The Dropbox submission deadline is midnight, Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Files should meet the following guidelines:

  • Maximum file size: 750 kb
  • Maximum width: 1920 pixels
  • Maximum height: 1280 pixels
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