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Monthly show and tell themes

Photo sharing topics

Our in-person meetings include a monthly assignment where members contributed two photos on a specific theme to a sharing folder in Dropbox. These are shared and discussed at the meetings. You must be a dues-paying member to participate! View photo submission guidelines and information about Dropbox.

Photo assignment for August 2021 meeting: “Getting Acquainted-or ReAcquainted.” The assumption is that in some ways this meeting will feel like a new group meeting for the first time. If you are a new member, we’d like to see the type of photography you do. If you’ve been a member think of the theme as introducing yourself to the new members. If you developed a new interest; learned something exciting; or maybe discovered a new spot, let the club see.

  • Submit 2 photos into the Dropbox folder titled “Acquainted,” by midnight, Sunday, August 15.

  • Size photos to 1920 pixels on the long side. This size is being consistent with Interclub competition.

  • Start titles with Your Name. This will keep your photos together. Example: Chrun.Tree.jpeg

Photo assignment for July 2021: We continue the theme of celebrations. The 4th, summer activities, family gatherings, and town celebrations should provide ample opportunities for photos. We will up the number of photos to 3. Also, unless it’s a really special photo, you’re encouraged to get out and take new ones to substitute ones from past years. 

Photo assignment for June 2021: Celebrations! The photos should in some way be about people celebrating. People don’t have to be in the photo and it does not have to be a formal celebration. Photos should be submitted to the “Celebration” folder in Dropbox. Size to 1280 pixels on long side. Start your title with “01.” and “02.

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