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Monthly show and tell themes

Photo sharing topics

Our in-person meetings include a monthly assignment where members contributed two photos on a specific theme to a sharing folder in Dropbox. These are shared and discussed at the meetings. You must be a dues-paying member to participate! View photo submission guidelines and information about Dropbox.

Photo assignment for May 2022: 

The salon topic for May is “Spring.” I know, some people may claim it might not even happen this year, but signs are here and more are to come. At the edge of our woods I’ve got hepatica blooming and bloodroot almost there. Submit to the Dropbox folder titled “Spring”  by midnight Sunday, May 15.

  • 2 photos
  • Start with titles “01” and “02”
  • 1 MB Maximum
  • 1920 pixels on long side

Bonus Pet photos for May 2022:

You may also submit 2 additional photos of animals so we have a connection to last month’s presentation.

  • Same rules
  • Start these titles with “03” & “04”
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