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Monthly show and tell themes

Shirley Stebbins - Blarney lupines

Photo sharing topics

Our in-person meetings include a monthly assignment where members contributed two photos on a specific theme to a sharing folder in Dropbox. These photos will be viewed at our monthly meeting. When you submit photos, you can put them in the “Sharing” category or the “Review” category. Use the “Review” category if you wish to receive suggestions for improvements or possible changes. You must be a dues-paying member to participate. View photo submission guidelines and information about Dropbox.

Photo assignment for February 2023:

Winter Wonder and Wander: Share two photos of your choice on this topic. The photos can be taken outdoors or indoors, if that is where you are taking pictures. The Dropbox submission deadline is midnight, Sunday, February 19. Members are invited to share up two photos to our dropbox folder. Files should meet the following guidelines:

  • Maximum file size: 750 kb
  • Maximum width: 1920 pixels
  • Maximum height: 1280 pixels
  • File names: 01.your title.jpg and title.jpg
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