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Monthly show and tell themes

Photo sharing topics

When in-person meetings were taking place pre-pandemic, our meetings included a monthly assignment where members contributed two photos on a specific theme to a sharing folder in Dropbox. These were shared and discussed at the meetings.

While we are unable to meet in person, members are invited to contribute photos to our Dropbox folder from time to time. You must be a dues-paying member to participate! View photo submission guidelines and information about Dropbox.

Club members are encouraged to view others’ photos on Dropbox and provide comments there during this time when we cannot meet in person.

Month of March 2021 Photo Assignment

During March 2021, club members are encouraged to complete this assignment. The goal is to keep members connected and out with their cameras. Everyone is encouraged to participate! We want to keep an active club during this pandemic.

The assignment: Take photographs in seven different categories. The assignment will run through the entire month of March. All photos must be taken in March 2021.

The categories:

  1. “Reflection” Include any type of a reflection in your photo.
  2. “Self-Portrait” Your photo should capture some part of you.  It can be but does not have to have you in the photo.  It can be a “happy place,” an activity, a still life, etc. Use your imaginations!
  3. “Negative Space” Take a photo utilizing negative space.  There are some excellent examples in this blog. 
  4. “Action” Your photograph should capture some action or movement.
  5. “Leading Lines” Use one of the basics of composition in a photo.
  6. “Part of a Subject” Take a photo that consists of part of a single subject.  The subject can be as large or as small as you wish.  It can be living or inanimate.
  7. “Complimentary Colors” Take a photograph that utilizes two colors that are complimentary.  Here is a good article with good examples:

A folder will be set up in Dropbox titled “March.”  You are limited to one photo per category.  You do not have to provide a photo in all seven categories.  Size photos to 1280 pixels on the long side.

Title as such please: Category Number.Name.Title


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